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[RE]:Team Redfield [character appearance spoiler!] by N-o-c-t-i-s
[RE]:Team Redfield [character appearance spoiler!]
I seriously considered naming this 'Cool people don't look at explosions' at first haha.
Anyway,I have this marvellous idea to render all the related characters together as separate teams and here we have my favourite team: The Redfields. 
Next up is my second favourite team/family: The Weskers.
And then The Harpers
After that....Birkin+Kennedy??? Sherry and Leon aren't related but they sure are like brother and sister so why not??? 
Anyway I love Claire Bear's new hairdo :love: though I already miss the ponytail a bit.

Claire Redfield,Chris Redfield and the Resident Evil series belong to CAPCOM.
Claire,Chris,J'avo and weapon models ported by :iconadngel:
RE6 China streets ported by :iconoofiloo:
[RE]: Partners by N-o-c-t-i-s
[RE]: Partners
[spoilers ahead]

[muffled 'mmm what'cha say' plays over and over in the background]

Ahhh the smell of a fresh new ship....thatdidn'tevensail
Well,I can't say much because spoilers are involved but you know,I'm starting to ship this hahaha........ha.
I was rooting for you.We were all rooting for you.How dare you.

So have some lame but relevant fish puns instead!

One person can keep a fishing line clear, but it takes two to tangle.

Neil’s just fishing for compliments.

He really hooked Claire in!

Oh I know these are really lame, I’m saury.

Claire Redfield,Neil Fisher and Resident Evil Revelations 2 are property of Capcom.

Claire Redfield and Neil Fisher models extracted by :iconadngel:
[DA:I] The Redeemer by N-o-c-t-i-s
[DA:I] The Redeemer
Just a quick render of my favourite companion in DA:I <33 
This nerd ruined my life.

Big thanks to :iconpadme4000: for extracting this model! And to :iconberserker79: for extracting the staff's model!
Dorian Pavus and Dragon Age Inquisition are both property of Bioware.
[Pre-DA:I]: Safe and sound by N-o-c-t-i-s
[Pre-DA:I]: Safe and sound
Titles man.Gotta love them titles.

Well anyway,I wanted to do a render where Felix and his family are happy and here we are! This time I went for something different and gave Felix a different robe.This is set before the events of Dragon Age Inquisition,where Felix is still with Morrigan and Kieran that's why he's wearing something other than his warden armor.He stopped wearing that armor for years and only wears it again when he goes to search for a cure to the calling.

Big thanks to :iconpadme4000: for extracting Kieran and Morrigan's models;:iconberserker79: for extracting Felix' model and the robe he's wearing! You guys rock <3 
Kieran,Morrigan and Dragon Age are all property of Bioware.
[DA:I] Reunion by N-o-c-t-i-s
[DA:I] Reunion
I told you I will render Happy!Felix eventually didn't I? 
So he doesn't appear in Inquisition but Morrigan and Kieran do and when they did I sobbed and cried like a baby.Kieran is adorable <3 
All the feels ah! 
Oh and Felix let his original hair color grow out eventually. Ever since he started helping Morrigan raise Kieran he had no time to magically bleach his hair any more haha! 
The wonderful :iconpadme4000: has extracted DA:I models and they recently extracted Kieran's model and I just couldn't pass up the chance to make a render featuring him and his dad! 

Big thanks to :iconberserker79: and :iconpadme4000: for the extracting Felix and Kieran respectively!
Kieran and Dragon Age Inquisition are property of Bioware! 

Merry Christmas my dears <3 


Artist | Student | Digital Art
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampFrench lang 1 by Faeth-design
gray-asexual stamp by crownstamps
Here,have a BUNCH of stamps representing the things I like:
Final Fantasy XV:

Noctis 1 by Jinze Noctis 2 by JinzeFF Versus XIII : Noctis Stamp by merigon
Final Fantasy XIII:
Lightning Stamp Revamp by lightpurgeFang Stamp by o0Hikari0oLightning Stamp. :D by TakeMeAwayxx
Final Fantasy X:
Yuna: Sending :: Stamp by SaphitriFFX Stamp II by violet-wavesFFX Stamp III by violet-waves
Final Fantasy VII:
FFVII Vincent Valentine Stamp by JackdawStampsTeam Vincent Stamp by NyaasuStamp - Dirge of Cerberus by darkittyhero

Assassin's Creed:
Assassin's Creed by Daakukitsune:thumb175976932::thumb289556908:

ACIV ladies defence squad:
AC4 James Kidd Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Anne Bonny Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Mary Read Stamp by mizukimarie

Connor Kenway standalone appreciation spot:
Connor Stamp by SpannedSoulConnor - Stamp by chillmybones
Resident Evil :
Wesker Fan GIRL Stamp by Wesker-ChickI love Wesker stamp by Claire-Wesker1

Devil May Cry (Classics) :
dante fan stamp by soulshinigamiDevil May Cry by skinnyveestampDevil May Cry by skinnyveestamp

Mass Effect:
Mass Effect Stamp: Shepard by KarithinaMass Effect Stamp: Liara by KarithinaKaidan Love Scene Stamp by foolishsunsets

Dragon Age:
Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair by KarithinaStamp: Alistair by Tatooine92Alistair Stamp by Kitsune-NotunaiAlistair 1.0 by AmarieVeanneSTAMP: I love Alistair by christophernicolStamp: Alistair 2 by Tatooine92Stamp - Sneaky Witch Thief by bluster-squallDragon Age Stamp: Oghren by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Morrigan by KarithinaSupport the Grey Wardens Stamp by MihaiiDragon Age Stamp: Zevran by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Loghain by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Wynne by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Shale by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Leliana by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Sten by KarithinaNathaniel Stamp by Countess-NoirDragon Age by i-stamp

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