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Hey guys,do you know anything about Tarot Cards? I never really cared about them so I barely know anything about them and even when I googled them,I didn't understand much.
So here's the deal,anyone with some knowledge on Tarot cards, what do the 'The World' and 'The Emperor' represent? 

Also there's a new AC game set in Victorian london...starring..A WHITE MAN! wow,Ubisoft is really killing it with diversity huh? fuck's sake.
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Just got Dragon Age Inquisition! So my presence here will dwindle even more.
So far it's amazing and I'm loving every second of it! Dorian does not disappoint but Solas..damn son you're making me question my priorities!

Anyway,I swore that I won't buy Unity or Rogue but now I'm actually reconsidering my stance on Rogue.
I've seen Unity playthroughs and all I can say is: I.CALLED.IT. You'll know what I mean if you've played til/seen the end.
So fuck Unity and Ubisoft.
But Rogue seems better.Shay is actually quite adorable and I sort of like him??? Also Haytham's an ass as usual.
Arno is such an Ezio 2.0 it's unbearable. Elise is a much better character tbh.She should have been the main protag and not him.
And while Shay does commit some..things,he still has redeeming qualities and is a much better protagonist than Arno could ever be.
But still fuck Ubisoft.Just for the sake of cursing them. 
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[DA:O] Melancholia. by N-o-c-t-i-s
[DA:O] Melancholia.
Blame Victor Hugo for the title lol. 
So why did I make this? To show off my warden of course! since I can't draw for shit,rendering is the best way to show off my male characters
"Why don't you ever show off your warden's happiness? Why all the sadness and grumpiness?"
Weeeell friend(s),in my canon,Felix is an asshole who redeems himself but is still plagued by guilt.He has recurring nightmares of [spoiler] and that's not even the end of it because being a warden also takes a physical and mental toll on him.Also,his heart was broken and by the time of the Witch Hunt DLC he's a wreck of a man who likes to pretend he's fine and that he has everything under control when he's really just barely alive and recent of information of someone's reappearance in Ferelden gives him hope...
In other words,Felix suffers from depression.It hits him hard and when mixed with guilt it only made things worse.
So here we have Felix,with deep eyebags,standing somewhere in in Vigil's Keep contemplating on a nightmare he had earlier.

If these kinds of renders trigger any of you,please let me know and I will add a mature content warning to avoid discomfort.
Also,I'll try rendering him looking less saddened in the future.

Dragon Age Origins/Awakening belong to Bioware and so does the scenery and model parts.
Felix Amell belongs to yours truly.
Models were ported by :iconberserker79: and :iconlezisell: 

Posed in XNALara posing studio,rendered in Blender 2.71 and edited in Photoshop cs3.
No small talk or anything,how the F do you know someone likes you? Girls tell me how you know it,boys tell me how you show a girl you like her without actually talking to her!
Also,Is refusing to take a biscuit your crush offered you a bad move? 
    AND are you okay with your crush being a smoker? 
        Mayhap you asked a friend (who is also friends with your crush) if your crush had a thing going on with this girl he's always sitting by and talking to and laughing with and he said 'there's nothing between them' and then he tells your friend who happens to be his girlfriend who happens to know that you like the guy you asked about that you seem to like him and he seems to like you too,how do you react? Do you take your friend's boyfriend who is your friend's words at face value and celebrate or do you proceed with caution?? 
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I'm doing something I've never done before...I'm pre-ordering a Dragon Age game on console. 
What?! this is pretty srs you guys! I've never played Dragon Age on Console before..This sudden switch will cost me:
a comfortable gaming experience 

Yes I'm more worried about screenshots. Last time I checked you can't take screenshots on the console versions of DA.No not even on PS4. And that's bullshit.
So why am I going console instead of PC in the first place? POVERTY.That's why. I don't even have the minimum requirements to run Inquisition on PC and while I do love taking risks,I really don't want to waste my money on a game that won't even run on my PC. So I'm buying it on either PS4 or 3 so I could enjoy it at least...

As for my previous Journal,I'm going with Alois as Ezra's middle name since it's so popular with all the people I've asked.Thanks for your help guys <3 
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BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampFrench lang 1 by Faeth-design
gray-asexual stamp by crownstamps
Here,have a BUNCH of stamps representing the things I like:
Final Fantasy XV:

Noctis 1 by Jinze Noctis 2 by JinzeFF Versus XIII : Noctis Stamp by merigon
Final Fantasy XIII:
Lightning Stamp Revamp by lightpurgeFang Stamp by o0Hikari0oLightning Stamp. :D by TakeMeAwayxx
Final Fantasy X:
Yuna: Sending :: Stamp by SaphitriFFX Stamp II by violet-wavesFFX Stamp III by violet-waves
Final Fantasy VII:
FFVII Vincent Valentine Stamp by JackdawStampsTeam Vincent Stamp by NyaasuStamp - Dirge of Cerberus by darkittyhero

Assassin's Creed:
Assassin's Creed by Daakukitsune:thumb175976932::thumb289556908:

ACIV ladies defence squad:
AC4 James Kidd Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Anne Bonny Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Mary Read Stamp by mizukimarie

Connor Kenway standalone appreciation spot:
Connor Stamp by SpannedSoulConnor - Stamp by chillmybones
Resident Evil :
Wesker Fan GIRL Stamp by Wesker-ChickI love Wesker stamp by Claire-Wesker1

Devil May Cry (Classics) :
dante fan stamp by soulshinigamiDevil May Cry by skinnyveestampDevil May Cry by skinnyveestamp

Mass Effect:
Mass Effect Stamp: Shepard by KarithinaMass Effect Stamp: Liara by KarithinaKaidan Love Scene Stamp by foolishsunsets

Dragon Age:
Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair by KarithinaStamp: Alistair by Tatooine92Alistair Stamp by Kitsune-NotunaiAlistair 1.0 by AmarieVeanneSTAMP: I love Alistair by christophernicolStamp: Alistair 2 by Tatooine92Stamp - Sneaky Witch Thief by bluster-squallDragon Age Stamp: Oghren by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Morrigan by KarithinaSupport the Grey Wardens Stamp by MihaiiDragon Age Stamp: Zevran by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Loghain by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Wynne by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Shale by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Leliana by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Sten by KarithinaNathaniel Stamp by Countess-NoirDragon Age by i-stamp

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